Der RSC "Blitz" Schiefbahn
präsentiert am 02.12.2017:

The countdown is running!




What are the "UCI WorldCup Finals"?

The UCI World Cup is the cycle balls equivalent to soccers Champions League. At eight match days, world's best cycle ball teams (from Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Japan and Germany) compete to qualify for the World Cup Finals. Therefore, from a sporting prospect, the WorldCup is in a better position than the World Championships and offers some needed rematches by the end of the year. For us, RSC "Blitz" Schiefbahn, one decusuve aspect was the opportunity to send our best team, Marius Hermanns and Sven Holland-Moritz, as Wild-Card into the race. To prepare you for the upcoming event, we want to present you here the players, trainers and of course the event itself. In cooperation with "Willich erlebent" our club wants to bring great attention towards the WorldCup and cycle ball as a sport.